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Trialling an instrument by Rainer Beilharz is the best way to find the instrument that is right for you.

Visitors are always welcome in the workshop in Castlemaine, but if you live elsewhere, instruments are shipped safely and conveniently in special cases and are fully insured. You will receive the instrument by express post or courier for a full 7 day trial. If it's not right for you, you are provided with a return label and instructions for packing to return the instrument. The only cost to you will be return shipping. Trials are completely obligation free.


Violin - AU $26 000.

Viola -  AU $28 000.

Cello -  AU $45 000.

Deposits on orders are completely refundable if the instrument does not meet expectations.

For current stock, to go on the waiting list to try or to place an order, please use the contact form or email directly. We welcome your enquiry!

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